The Mission

Zorins Technologies is a leading networking equipments provider with frontline expertize in the delivering customized solutions and assistive scalability maneuvers. The company was established in 2002 and has developed competitive lead in the supply and configuration of Cisco networking equipments. Zorins Technologies has a well adopted mission of delivering the most competitive solutions in terms of cost and efficiency to its customers.
Counted among the frontline networking solutions provider, we strive to achieve our mission with the following initiatives –

Customized solutions –

Our team of experts is trained in the best conduct as for the purpose of carrying out evaluations of the networking requirements of the enterprises of wide diversity. Adept in making the right choice of the routers/switch and server configurations, our engineers deliver the most resonant solutions after identifying the correct products. Every enterprise is unique! We therefore work from the perspective of adding robustness to the existing ICT infrastructure of the company through demand driven customized solutions!

Efficient output for the client –

Zorins Technologies has one of the most experienced team of hardware and networking professionals at work. We are adept in creating efficient tech-upgrades of any enterprise through networking configurations which are built from the latest equipments and products. Zorins Technologies has a well established system of training its Networking Engineers in the knowledge of latest product ranges and concepts. We therefore have expertise in performing scalable tasks as also tech refresh maneuvers for the companies through the use of frontline products.

Zorins Technologies performs comprehensive testing and trials for the solutions developed so that initial glitches are negated and efficiency is obtained in a customized manner!

Our company employs the best array of hardware and networking professionals who are certified in the relevant networking specializations. Presently we have professionals certified with –

1. MCSE – Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert
3. EMC Proven Professional Technology Architect
5. CISCO Certified Voice Professional (CCVP)
6. CompTIA Network+

Service requirements

Zorins Technologies has proven track record of over a decade in providing prompt and effective after services for the networking solutions worked by it! The company actively carries out timed servicing tasks at minimal costs so that the operational efficiency is not hampered. Zorins Technologies has earned a name of trust in the arena of service assistance!

Cost efficiency

Zorins Technologies has developed competitive cost efficiencies for its clients! We have achieved this through a multi sectoral synergism in our forward and backward linkages with our customers and suppliers respectively! Direct procurement from the manufacturers and smart shipment strategies for the client brings in the required cost benefits both for us and for the client.

Customer satisfaction!

Zorins Technologies places customer satisfaction at the highest. We have adopted a culture aimed at satisfying our customers to the max! We have an efficient CRM (Customer Relationship Management) to develop a satisfactory customer interface. Besides, our operations are governed by the refined procedures concerning SDM (Supply and Distribution Management), WM (Warehouse Management) and TM (Technology Management).

Zorins Technologies has a mission of serving efficiently, with cost efficiencies and with due customer satisfaction! No wonder we have emerged as a prominent competitor in the networking market sailing past our rivals with a broad margin.


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