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Wireless Access Points

Wireless Access Points

A wireless access point (WAP) is a hardware device or configured node on a local area network (LAN) that allows wireless capable devices and wired networks to connect through a wireless standard, including Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. WAPs feature radio transmitters and antennae, which facilitate connectivity between devices and the Internet or a network.

A WAP is also known as a hotspot.

Wireless access points (WAP) may be used to provide network connectivity in office environments, allowing employees to work anywhere in the office and remain connected to a network. In addition, WAPs provide wireless Internet in public places, like coffee shops, airports and train stations.

Wireless access points are most commonly thought of in the context of the 802 series of wireless standards, commonly known as Wi-Fi. While there are other wireless standards, the vast majority of the time the terms Wi-Fi hotspot and WAP are synonymous.

Brand: Cisco
Using dual-band antenna port allows the access point to support these added transceivers while maintaining a reasonably low number of antenna connections.Compatible With The Following Access Points: 1600 Series, 1700 Series, 2600 Series, 2700 Series, 3500 Series, 3600 Series and 3700 Series...
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CISCO Aironet 1852i - Wireless Access Point AIR-AP1852I-E-K9 CISCO Aironet 1852i - Wireless Access Point AIR-AP1852I-E-K9
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Brand: Cisco
Ideal for small and medium-sized networks, the Cisco Aironet 1850 Series delivers industry-leading performance for enterprise and service provider markets via enterprise-class 4x4 MIMO, four-spatial-stream access points that support the IEEE's new 802.11ac Wave 2 specification. The Aironet 1850 Seri..
Ex Tax:$427.00
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