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Network Racks

Network Racks

A network rack is a metal frame chassis that holds, stacks, organizes, secures and protects various computer network and server hardware devices. The term “network” refers to the rack being used to house network hardware like routers, switches, access points, and modems.

The same rack holds servers and other computer systems, although some are designed with specific device types in mind. The rack works by securing network and other computer hardware within the mounting fixtures via brackets, bolts and other hardware to keep the hardware in its secure place.

A type of open rack called a 2 post server rack is a lower-cost, easy-to-use entry into network rack mounting equipment. Also called 2 post relay racks, the post rack works by having two thinner, centralized parallel posts extending from a larger balanced based either 19 or 23 inches apart depending on the model.

The 2 post rack is easy to set up and start with because of the light and easy to move frame compared to more robust racks. You secure network equipment into the rack by installing a brace on network hardware and bolting the brace to the posts.

Once installed, the two post rack allows for you to stack several different network devices on top of each other taking advantage of vertical space to reduce how much floor space you use to store your gear. The racks are also very sturdy and can be secured into the floor, making it very difficult to knock over any installed equipment. Additionally, the open nature of the rack minimizes airflow obstruction and makes it easier to manage network cables.

If you’re using 2 post relay racks to mount your network hardware, center mount your devices on the rack for the safest, most secure hold. Center mounting refers to attaching the center of the hardware bracket to the parallel posts on both sides. Using the center mounting position on a 2 post server rack centralizes the weight distribution which reduces pressure on the rack itself and improves balance. Flush mounting only works well with lighter, low-profile hardware.

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